Ropley Horticultural Society


We hold two shows each year - the Spring Show in April and the Summer Show in August.There are classes for vegetables, fruit, flowers, floral art, craftwork, culinary, photographs and art and crafts all subject to the rules below.

Information regarding classes for each show can be obtained from clicking the links above. An Entry Form must be completed and submitted to us, with the appropriate entry fees, through the Ropley Shop by 5.30pm on the Wednesday proceeding the show.

The entries are judged by visiting judges and trophies awarded and prizes.

Some Hints for Exhibitors

Where does one start? I suppose the easiest way to learn how to exhibit is to see how others present their exhibits. Visiting our shows or some of the other local shows will give a good general idea as to the standard required. The best reference book for detail is the Royal Horticultural Societies Handbook. A number of the members will have a copy of this book; the Show Secretary certainly has one and is willing to loan it if need be. I am sure anyone who already enters would be only too willing to help someone who is entering for the first time.

In all cases, exhibits should be staged as attractively as possible. Flowers are not just placed in a vase, but, apart from collections, are arranged so that they face the Judge. Flowers need to be clean. Make certain that any insects have been removed before exhibiting. Vegetables are arranged in lines or in a circle. Quality and uniformity are more important than size. Four medium size onions of good quality will gain higher marks than one large and three medium of the same quality.

More detail on certain exhibits will give some idea of what is expected. Root vegetables should be carefully washed. Beetroot, carrots, parsnips and swedes should have the leaves removed leaving 75mm of stalk. The tops can then be tied or whipped with string or raffia. Shallots and Onions should be carefully cleaned and loose skin removed. The roots are cut back to the basal plate and any top growth shortened, folded and tied neatly. Leeks should be thoroughly washed and tops plaited or tied neatly. The appearance of fruit is enhanced by its natural bloom. Apples should not be polished. All fruit except peaches and nectarines should be shown with stalks. Currants should be shown in strings as grown. Calyces should be left on tomatoes. Should you decide to enter a class allowing a choice of vegetables/fruit, be aware that the maximum points available varies from one exhibit to another. Details of the points system are available from the Show Secretary.




  1. General conduct and judging of the show, unless otherwise specified in thisbook, will be in accordance with:
    1. The Royal Horticultural Society Show Handbook (2016)
    2. Hampshire Federation of Horticultural Societies, where no other rule applies.
  2. The Show Committee reserves the right to interpret the rules in the best interest of the Show, including the right to refuse entry, the show secretary being the referee.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to visit, before and/or after a Show, gardens from which plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables have been entered for competition.

  5. Exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor and must have been in their possession for at least two months unless some shorter period is specified in the schedule. It follows from this that all exhibits should be entered in the name of the owner of the garden from which the exhibit came and he/she should sign the entry form. Exhibits staged by a professional gardener but belonging to his/her employer should be entered in the employer's name.
  6. All exhibits must be clean and free from disease or infestation, otherwise they are liable to be disqualified and removed from the Hall. Containers should be clean, plain and free from damage.
  7. Entries are accepted on condition that the society is not responsible for loss or damage to any exhibit or to the exhibitor's personal property.
  8. *Entries must be received by the correct date and tune. Please refer to the show timetable. Entry forms and fees to The Courtyard Shop, Church St, Ropley.

  10. All classes 25p

    Young People's classes - Free

    Young People entering adult classes - 25p


    All classes including Young People

    1st - 60p, 2nd - 40p, 3rd - 30p


    1. Subscriptions must have been paid at least six weeks prior to each show to enter members' classes.
    2. No person may stage more than one entry per class.
    3. No late entries will be accepted.
    4. A Prize may be withheld if the exhibit is deemed not worthy of the prize offered.
    5. Trophies are awarded for the highest number of points in a section. Should this involve a tie, other criteria will be taken into consideration.
    6. Prizewinners are reminded that Trophies, whilst in their possession, remain the property of the Ropley Horticultural Society.

  13. Members only classes are open to paid up members only.
  14. Entry cards may be collected from the show stewards table on arrival at the Hall. Each to be placed name downwards by the relevant exhibit.
  15. Paper plates and vases will be provided, except where stated.
  16. Please name exhibits where possible.
  17. Stewards will be present during the staging of exhibits to advise and help exhibitors but it is the exhibitor's responsibility to ensure that the entry conforms in all aspects with the schedule.
  18. Please ensure all cut stems are in water.
  19. Exhibits may not be removed until advised. The Society cannot be responsible for exhibits not collected.
  20. The decision of the Judge is final. Protests must be lodged by the exhibitor with the Secretary, together with a deposit of £2.00 not later than 3.00pm on the day of the show, when they will be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final. If the complaint is justified the deposit will be returned.

  22. Constitution of fruit and vegetable dishes. Every dish must consist of one cultivar only, unless mixed dishes are permitted by the schedule.
  23. Electronic scales and measuring rings as appropriate will be available for the use of exhibitors and judges.
  24. Fruit must be shown on the plates provided unless otherwise stated. Small berries may be arranged on a 200mm paper plate prior to exhibiting.
  25. Fruit & Vegetable ripeness – Apples, gooseberries, medlars, pears, quinces and large/beef steak tomatoes may be shown either ripe or unripe. All other fruits and vegetables must be ripe.
  26. Flowers. Society bikini vases (provided) should be used unless otherwise specified. Vases may be packed with clean paper, oasis or natural material. Various vase sizes are available.
  27. Container grown exhibits and baskets must have been grown in situ.
  28. Pot sizes where stated are internal diameters.

  30. Plates will be provided and should be used. All dishes should be placed, by the exhibitor, under the clear covers provided.
  31. The contents of a jar should be clearly named and dated.

  33. No exhibit may be submitted into a show on more than one occasion.
  34. Entrants may be asked to provide evidence that they own the copyright of the exhibit submitted.

  36. Flowers in this section do not have to be grown by the exhibitorbut should be seasonal if the title suggests this, e.g. Spring Bouquet.
  37. Base and background for staging will be of a neutral colour. Maximum exhibit sizes are stated in the schedule - exhibit need not fill the available space.
  38. An exhibit is one or more arrangements of natural plant materials, fresh or preserved, with or without accessories. Background, boxes, drapes, titles etc, may be used as required, provided they are within the maximum allowed space.

  40. The Henderson Cup is awarded, at the Summer Show, for points accumulated in both the Spring and Summer Shows. These classes are shown by *.